sunday shopping

Shopping with Sloane is a hoot!  She dances through the aisles, tries on shoes that are way too big for her and kicks them off in all directions as she continues bare foot through the store.  She commands everyone's attention everywhere she goes - I mean come on, she is damn cute and almost always smiling. We wandered through Anthropologie and Sloane made herself at home, exploring every inch - window displays and all.  I spotted this little wooden ledge and had her sit down.  She cooperated for about 1 minute and then done.  Got an adorable shot of her though.  Wandered over to the Christkindlemarket (with about a zillion other people who had the same idea) and picked up a couple of adorable little Christmas decorations.  I haven't gone to the market in years, glad I did.  But... next year I will not go the Sunday before Christmas.  *wink*122213

holiday breakfast

Up early to catch breakfast at the Walnut Room in Macy's with the Pittmans.  We have made this a little holiday tradition and all look forward to it each year.  We had a great time despite the horrible food and the repeat of the tree decor.  We may have to look elsewhere for future years ... walnut2013

thankful : day 23 : let's go to the circus

thankful Today I am thankful to have checked off a bucket list item!  It was off to the Circus today with the Pittman crew.  No idea why I've never been to the Circus, but isn't it one of those things that everyone should do?  Well, I think so and today I headed to the United Center (not exactly the "big top" from the old days) in the freezing cold to take in the 'greatest show on earth.'

It was OK... I can see why the kids like it, but overall kind of meh for forty.  I guess having seen things like Cirque du Soleil and etc. kind of raises the bar a bit.  I do have to say that watching the trained animals makes me a little bit sad - so far from their natural habitat and you hear about how some people don't treat animals well in captivity - just have to put that out of mind and hope that the animals are happy.  They are all so beautiful. I am glad I went, Sloane (2 yrs) loved every second of the show, when one act would leave, she'd turn around to mom and say where did they go?  So darn cute!  circus

10 on 10 { feb 2013 }

I remembered!  I remembered!  Today I snapped a LOT of photos, but made sure to grab one per hour so I could be true to the 10 on 10 challenge!  Spent the day at the Museum of Science and Industry, my favorite Chicago museum, with the Pittman's!  I wanted to go to catch the Peanuts exhibit - and crazy -Holly, Jeff and Bella had never been before... what!?!  They totally loved it.  YaYa always knows the best places to go!

breakfast and facebook
selfie after getting ready for the day
allergy shot - four years of these and still counting - damn cats!
Peanuts exhibit was really great

I have always wanted an original Peanuts cel
Sloane LOVED that piano. 
We watched the movie Born to be Free in the Omnimax Theater - it was fabulous!
Went on the U505 tour - the claustrophobic in me did not enjoy this much
'twas a dreary day here in Chicago, but I really cannot complain ... rain in February is not normal
finalizing plans for birthday trip

ten on ten button

Sloan and YaYa

Two of my favorites from yesterday's Sloane shoot! She is so funny - very cooperative with a camera in her face.  But now she's really going for it, grabbing for the strap or the lens.  And when I took my iPhone out she went crazy grabbing for it.  I had to capture that - too funny!  Oh and I did the whole shoot with my 40mm pancake lens - LOVE!!!!!  It's kind of nice to not have to zoom!  :)

And you know I had to grab a selfie!  She loves her YaYa! 


Sloane 9 months

Oh that little Sloane is gonna be a heartbreaker!  Those blue eyes and she's got eyelashes for days!!  In keeping with the OZ spirit, Holly found one of Bella's old dresses that looks a little Dorothy-esque!  Plus, her daddy likes her in a blue dress.  

I'm sad that I missed last month, but luckily she hasn't changed all that much, physically.  She does seem longer and is getting more hair and is making a whole lot of noise!   So here is beautiful little girl at 9 months old! 

107 wizard of oz festival : chesterton, indiana

Spent the day in Chesterton with the Pittman crew to take some Sloane photos and attend the Wizard of OZ parade and festival. It was full of folks dressed like the characters, some folks that were really in the movie, some real munchkins - that Bella's cheerleading group cheered for - and etc. It was interesting for sure. Being from Kansas, I find it funny that we never had an OZ themed festival or parade. Might be time for LV to step it up!














sloane 7 months


Finally getting to posting photos of beautiful little Sloane from her 7 month shoot ... she's almost eight months now.  (oops!) But how cute is she in this blue dress?  Such a good pick daddy!  She's crawling now too, so she kept coming toward me to get the camera.  I had to clean a couple of smudges and as you can see in the last photo, she did finally manage to get the strap.