better with cake


Yesterday was my birthday. Thirty eight. It was your average Wednesday... with a little bit of chocolate.

Birthday's are funny... I've never been a big birthday person. I don't plan elaborate parties or feel the need to do something crazy and over the top. Only for the big birthdays do I feel like I need do something 'memorable.' I love planning parties for other people, but don't want to plan my own... or even want people to plan anything big for me. Simply wish me 'happy birthday' or jot me a note (or even better, a card!) ... that's all that I need. Just knowing you remembered is enough. Well.... that and CAKE! Thanks to Barbara for bringing me two of the most delicious little flourless chocolate cakes! Here's hoping for a fabulous new year ahead!

Oh and I had to share the cutest birthday greeting from little Bella Boo.

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