rained out

Every now and then I spy a Groupon that I feel is worth purchasing, I am not one of those people that goes totally overboard to get a deal. I tend to purchase experience type of things - chocolate and pasta making classes, photobooks and etc. Today I was supposed to be at a photography class that I purchased and it's been raining since the moment I got up. There was not a whole lot of information about the class on the website - just what you should know (iso, wb, metering...), what to bring and where to meet. The confirmation did note that the class 'could' be cancelled due to weather, but I had no correspondence today at all. I called and texted the instructor and emailed the Chimpsy site where the class is scheduled, but got no answer or call back. I'm a little disappointed about that. About an hour before the class, I went back to the website where I booked and "cancelled" the class, but they only have two more available - neither of which I can make. What to do now? I may just be out some $$. booooooooooo