twenty seven of thirty :: milwaukee

(27) from a distance :: Lots to choose from - I spent the day in Milwaukee at my favorite museum, the Milwaukee Art Museum. It's the 10 year anniversary of the Calatrava building and they have an exhibit going on thru the end of the year about the design process and construction. The scale models are sick! And it was super cool to see the different iterations of the design. I have photographed this place maybe four or five times, and just cannot get enough.


I wandered around the museum and then out along the lake front - there were a ton of boats on the water. It was the perfect day for sailing... a little windy. My hair was a bit of a nest by the time I got back to the car. Yikes!


Despite the wind, it was the most beautiful day. Sunny and warm. I love warm Fall days. The colors in the trees just seem so rich and full. Hope you had a beautiful day where ever you are!