303 pancake kind of day


It's that famous shade of Chicago winter gray today, cold and I am completely unmotivated to get out and about.  Despite the fact that I have a million places I need to go. So it's going to be one of those domestic kind of days... laundry, cleaning and crap TV (currently watching Bring It On - ha!). What better way to start a cozy day than with homemade pancakes!?!

I saw a recipe over on Rockstar Diaries blog (and Pinterest) and just had to try it.  It's ridiculous easy - took longer for the oven to heat than to mix and cook the pancake!  It came out a lot more dense than I thought - I wonder if you whipped egg whites and folded in if that would fluff it up a little bit?   It's super delicious and I love that it just begs for some kind of filling in the middle.  I only had maple syrup and powered sugar in the house, but berries, bananas, apples or maybe even chocolate would be good.  Think open face crepe fillings!  Go get your pancake on!