174 PEN E-P2

I have been thinking about photography a lot lately.  I recently read a post about the constant search for the newest gear - and quite frankly it is impossible to keep up with the pace with which they release new products.  I barely get my feet wet with my current camera and then boom - the next big thing.  Not to mention the money!  
Bottom line for me is that I need something portable.  I need a camera that can travel with me.  I need a camera that is lighter weight.   I used to think I needed the full frame to get the best shot - and don't get me wrong, I love my 5DMII, but when you pop on the 24-70L it's a TANK!   By the time you put this baby in your carry-on with laptop and etc. it's a back breaker!   
Then there's the Leica D-Lux 5 - it's a great point-n-shoot, but I really do miss interchangeable lens options and the control of a DSLR.  It could be operator error on my part, but it just doesn't feel right for travel shooting.  So, I decided to see if I'd like the mirror-less technology.  I mean ... isn't photography more about capturing the moment, having the "eye" and less about the equipment?  
I decided to test drive the Olympus PEN E-P2. It's affordable and from what I've read it's not as fussy as the more sought after Fuji X100.  Having just busted it out of the box - I can't say much.  But within minutes of testing it does feel comfortable.  I like the size.  I like the weight.  Image quality seems good on the few test shots I've taken.  I do find the lens focusing a little noisy and slow.  And the screen is strangely noisy.  This could be a moot point if I stick with this and get the viewfinder mount.  The photo below on the left is SOOC - on the right processed via VSCO iPad/iPhone app.  Not bad ehh?