stacation : four

stay : fourcrepes @ the market on the MCA plaza modern art @ the museum of contemporary art shopping @ topshop, west elm and the amazing jayson home and garden

Started the day at the MCA (it's free on Tuesday's for IL residents!) and stumbled on a little farmers market out front.  So I picked up a crepe and took in the scene before heading in to see some modern art.  Still find most modern art confusing - meaning I do not always understand the statement the artist is making.  Even the photography is a stretch sometimes.  That said, they had two full rooms devoted to comic strips - that was fun - and a few works by Paul Sietsma that I enjoyed.  marketmca

Then I popped into Topshop for the first time - I see outfits online and TV that often reference Topshop, so I wanted to see if they had anything that would appeal to me.  I'm not very "trendy" with my style - more sport classic, more Ralph Lauren ... know what I mean.  But, I did find a couple of pieces of interest (still in shades of black and white).  Then to West Elm where I picked up a couple of kitchen goods - I could really buy everything in that store!  shopping

And Jayson Home  ... it's a must for any interior design fan!  It's wicked expensive, but beautifully curated and they have even started bringing in Flea market finds.  Today's funny flea - life preservers.  Now... I want to see where those things end up! jayson