bulb fest

I drove up to the Botanic Garden today with my friend Marcey to check out blub fest.  It was the most beautiful Fall day for wandering the gardens.  They have loads of mums in yellows and oranges and strategically placed gourds here and there, a hay bale maze and gourd tower.  It was lovely. First tip - if you want bulbs (which I didn't - no yard to put them in) go on Friday or early Saturday or pre-order. They were very picked over today.  Second tip - don't expect very many vendors for fun fall goodies.  I picked up a couple of mini loaves of peanut butter cookie bread (yep, yum!) and some homemade marshmallows.  Marcey picked up some veggies and that was about it ... But it was the most perfect day to be out and about. Perfectly Fall! botanicgarden