While downtown last weekend I happened upon More Cupcake shop and decided to pop in.  I have seen their vans around, but hand't heard much about them.  It's a very small little shop - just shelves of cupcakes and a little spot to pay, nicely designed - clean and modern. We were in line when a large group arrived - the two girls working the counter had them wait outside till most everyone had cleared.  Once they were in, one girl proceeded to give her 'spiel' ... it was very fast and not very informative about the shop at all.  The only thing I took away from it was that they were out of their most popular cupcake - salted caramel - and that the cupcakes cost $3.50.  My friend and I asked a few questions about the cakes and the two girls behind the counter could not have been more annoyed by them.  But, um, this is our first time here and you have no menu describing your product... Anyway, we each picked up a couple and went on our way.

I got lemon meringue and chocolate caramel.  Of the two, I liked the lemon meringue the best - both had fillings inside the cake and that might have been the best part.  They do fall prey to my biggest cupcake peeve - imbalance. Too much frosting for the amount of cake.

Bottom line ... they were good, but nowhere near the best I've had and certainly not worth the attitude. Wasn't crazy about their packaging either - I got home with two cupcakes and had to open both boxes to see which cake was in which box ... the designer in me is screaming 'why?'morecupcake