senior shaun

A friend of a friend has been asking for a couple of years now that I take photos of her son, and this being his senior year of high school, she really wanted senior portraits that were different than what everyone else would have in town.  Since I'm not a portrait photographer - as stated here on this blog many times before - I declined several times, but finally decided why not.  They can still have other photos taken if they aren't happy with what we get...  Shaun is the first person I photographed that I don't personally know and I have to say that made it extra difficult!  With my friends I can joke around and have a good idea of where to go for cityscapes and good times for light ... etc.  This was scheduled for 2pm on a bright sunny day - not great.  I really had to make the best of it and find shade anywhere I could.  And... he's got glasses, oy!  Do you know how hard it is to not get reflections in glasses? Even harder to try to remove said reflections if they do creep in ... Man, this one was tough!  I think they are happy with the results - they used them for his graduation party invitation, but my own critique ... meh. It's REALLY hard to capture the essence of another person in photographs.  Huge props to you professional portrait shooters out there!! seniorshaun