Yes.  Hello.

I am a graphic designer in the architectural industry. I grew up in the Sunflower State of Kansas, but was drawn to the big city and followed my dreams to one of the most photogenic cities in the world, Chicago.

My interest in photography started at an early age - always the paparazzi of the group.  Then I started to travel the world in my post-collegiate years.  It was during these trips abroad that I really embraced photography.  I wanted to capture the beauty of Amsterdam, Siena, Prague, Rome… Paris.  In 2004 I joined Flickr and the photoblogging community.  Meeting the most talented photographers around the world provided so much inspiration, there was just no looking back.  Now, I never leave home without a camera.

Photography helps me see things differently.  It helps me find the beauty in the world around me.  It makes me stop and really "see" things each and every day. Capturing my friends, family, travel and all of life's little moments.  I always say I'm on a photographic journey…