hawaii :: days 4&5 : kaua'i


Welcome to one of Hawaii's most beautiful beaches, Poipu Beach. Located on the southern shore of the island of Kaua'i, where the surf is calm and the sand oh so inviting. Well, unless it's raining. Then it's all about dodging rain drops and storm clouds.

I was most excited to take a photo tour of the island, famous for it's beaches, water falls, taro fields and wild chickens. Sadly, the weather did not cooperate, but after several conversations with the tour guides, we decided to venture out and at least see the island and capture a photo or two when possible. Fortunately, I had my rain gear, but Bethany forgot hers and had to sport the most lovely clear poncho. I think she worked it tho...

I will say this about the tour folks - they were super sweet and our guide tried really hard to make it to each of the locations and was super knowledgable about the island. She was giving photography pointers to one of the ladies with us, which I thought was great.


We drove up the west and north shores, but sadly did not make it to the Hanalei Pier (the one place I really wanted to go) because the bridge to the northern part of the island was very close to flooding. Boo! But I figure the photos would not have been great anyway...

We made it to the hotel, the Koa Kea, and loved it! It's chic and modern, beautifully manicured and the rooms were fabulous! I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone traveling to Kaua'i. It's right on the beach, has a beautiful pool (that I was so sad not to be able to use), close to some cute little shops and has wonderful food at the Red Salt restaurant. The staff was warm and friendly and even granted us a late check out without hesitation.

I ventured out on our second day - a little bit of blue sky and a whole lotta clouds, but no rain till later. Took a few photos along Poipu Beach - it's lovely and goes on for miles.

While my trip was greatly modified from it's original intent, Kaua'i is a lovely island. If you want to get away and just do nothing - check out, sip umbrella drinks, walk along the beach and take in some of the most beautiful scenery, this island is truly for you!