punta cana

To celebrate my friend Amanda's 40th birthday a few of her closest friends few to the Dominican for some fun, sun and relaxation. This was my first experience at an all inclusive resort and while I didn't love it, I didn't hate it either.  I would do it again - it is nice to just have everything you need all in one place, but I don't think this will replace my other travels. 

We arrived to rain - then the sun came out - then it rained again -then we ate - then the sun came out - then we saw a monkey - drank piña coladas -  coco locos - floated in the pool - at again - had spa treatments - rented a cabana for the day - ate more - then it rained again. Despite the rain it was beautiful! The Dominicans are happy hospitible people! 

La Jolla

San Diego has become a bit of a second home for me in the last few years.  With friends that live there and a lot of work that has taken me to the west coast my love of this city has really grown. This last trip I was in La Jolla and really loved this area.  The beach really is becoming my photo muse. [ Leica DLux 109 SOOC ]


In a continuing effort to visit states I've not been .. I added Vermont in August.  We flew into Burlington - hung out downtown had a great meal and some boutique shopping then it was a drive to Lake Champlain Island where we wandered through antique shops and along the rocky beaches. Day two took us through Montpelier - gorgeous capital building and downtown. Took a quick hike in Quechee Gorge and back to town for shipping and cheese tasting! Found a great sugar mill and learned about maple syrup, what it's like to tap 900 trees in knee high snow, found as many covered bridges as we could and spent a few bucks a Simon Pierce on some beautiful glass vases.

Then on to Woodstock staying at the amazing Woodstock Inn and taking in great food and shopping in downtown Woodstock. Absolutely adorable little town. Last stop was Stowe - probably my favorite of all.  I'm not a skier but I completely understand the draw to charming town and lovely lodges.  

chasing sunsets

Montana?  Really? That was the typical response from everyone I told that I would be traveling to Big Sky Country.  I pretty much never go on vacations where I just sit in the same place and relax for multiple days.  I told the girls that I had to have at least one good photo op - so we went chasing the sunset on the four wheeler through pastures of sage.  By the end we were covered in dust, but found such beauty! 


First stop in Montana : Bozeman.  We absolutely loved this little town!  Felt very much like our college town - bit of a younger party vibe at night, lots of cute little shops to cruise during the day.  And we happened to be there for a huge sidewalk sale - spent the better part of the day just wandering up and down Main Street after a delicious breakfast at Stuffed (hello delicious crepes!). Stayed at The Lark Hotel and loved every single thing about it.  Beautifully designed - industrial modern. Hotel staff was so friendly and helpful - with our giant truck, coolers, luggage, directions, food recommendations, and beyond! Highly recommend a stay if you find yourself in beautiful Bozeman. 


In an effort to visit all 50 of the United States, this year I am knocking off two new states.  First up - Montana! I have a friend from college that lives in Big Sky so I set up a little trip with some girlfriends to get some R&R at her family's log cabin just outside of Reed Point - how beautiful is this place? Upon arrival we were greeted by a deer lapping up some water in the pond on her property. Woke up the first morning to a deer outside the bedroom window just munching on some grasses.  Were visited by all kinds of birds, bees and bats! Late one evening while we were on the deck just chatting away I spotted an owl perch on top of one of the trees - just checking us out then after a bit flew away.  How crazy is that!? Emily says she's seen all sorts of animals there but never an owl! The sound of the wind through the pine trees might be my favorite part - so soothing and beautiful. While I was completely out of my element (city girl deep in the country) I really enjoyed everything!   

Montana makes state No. 32 .. got a little way to go yet. 


It's no secret that I'm a fan of Santiago Calatrava's architectural style.  If I could, I'd visit and photograph every single one of his structures around the world.  I finally made it to my second of his beauties during my last trip to New York.  The Oculus, "it’s a magnificent boondoggle" Calatrava referred to it.  I have to say it is something.  I do love the structure, but it does seem oddly placed sitting among giants.


May 30 2015 : from San Francisco 

May 30 : over there : bullseye Hotel Zetta Spent a few nights in San Francisco for work. And found a great boutique hotel near the heart of it all. I am such a sucker for interesting design and this place is full of incredible moments everywhere you turn.  The beds weren't the most comfortable and room service breakfast will set you back a whopping 40-50 bucks (!), but I still say it's worth a stay. Staff is super friendly and everything you could need is within a few blocks.