Cupcakes from a van?



I have been following Flirty Cupcakes updates on Twitter, hoping they would make it to E-Town on a day that I could actually catch them... Thursday was a horrible day for me.  So when I saw they were headed my way that evening I thought I'd never make it... it was cold and wet and I was all snuggled in for the night.  But... then I thought what the heck.  I bundled up like it was the middle of winter and ventured out.  So glad I did!  I was surprised by the line... 10 people in front of me and 10 behind and everyone bought 4 or more cupcakes.  I'm thinking woah, these must be really good...  And to my delight, they are!  The cake is moist (even chocolate) and the frosting flavors sophisticated, light and airy, and just the right amount.  Bon Appétit!