Hawaii :: the end

So it has taken me a ridiculous long time to finish up with the Hawaii photo edits / posting.  But I saved the best for last, well maybe not photographically speaking, but fun!  I shot a little video of the fire dancer at the Paradise Cove Luau - he rocked!  

I bothered Bethany all week to sneak in a Luau and with the crap weather of the week, we didn't know if it would be worth it.  We went ahead and scheduled it for my last night in Hawaii and completely lucked out!!  The weather was PERFECT!  


And we even got Garrett in his Hawaiian shirt - he had originally protested, most likely because Mom wanted him to wear it ... everything is better when it's his own idea!  Kids crack me up!!

We arrived and received lei's - shells since we were in the cheap seats - got our photo taken with some of the luau dancers and received mai tai's.  They move you from activity to activity by sounding the conch shell, though it took us a couple of events to catch onto this.  We had our photos taken with birds - Garrett even had a bird on his head!! He LOVED that and it was the cutest picture too.  Then won more leis by playing ring toss games and such.  They have lots of stations where you can make  your own headbands, bracelets and all sorts of things.  I had an orchid bracelet made by this adorable woman, which didn't cost anything but a tip!  She was super sweet.  I had to grab the camera to try to capture it and was totally surprised at how good the pics came out given that I shot left handed and upside down!  

The dancers were amazing (and super HOT!!) and it was the perfect end to my Hawaii trip.  Perfectly touristy and full of photo worthy moments.   Aloha!