royal indeed


OK, so I admit it... I set my alarm for 4:50 AM so I could catch the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.  I woke just in time for the bride to arrive at the church!  My God is that woman a knockout!  She got the fairytale every girl dreams of... she was simply the most stunning bride.  That dress... perfection - love, love, love the v-neck with a bit of a collar - and the simple jewels and small bouquet ... She got everything right.  And, I have to give her huge props - she looked calm and cool and totally at ease.  Prince William chose wisely!  I kind of wish he was next in line so we could see these two make a go at representing the country as young people.  

Some things that differ from here in the US that I kind of wish we would adopt - the way a man escorts his lady, an extended hand with hers gently atop.  That's waaaaay better than the interlocked arms we do here that can sometimes be so awkward.  And the three piece morning suit on her brother was so hot!   That mix of the yellow vest, blue shirt with white collar and wine tie was off the charts classy.  Why do the English just seem so damn polished?  (Well except for Beatrice & Eugenie - what the heck was that?) Oh and that accent, of course!!

Wouldn't it be a dream to attend a wedding like this?  Actually, it would be a dream to photograph this wedding - though I would be a wreck trying to get just the right shot of every single possible moment.  The photos above (by Getty photographers) are perfect, just perfect of the bride.    

The one thing that I did (other than get up at the crack of dawn) was took a stab at that chocolate biscuit cake that they say is Prince William's favorite.  I gotta say it's damn good!