welcome 2014

I don't know about you, but 2013 seemed to just fly by... so fast!  I am hoping 2014 has great things ahead in all aspects of life! I don't like to make resolutions - mostly because I know I'd never keep them - but I may set a few goals for the coming year.  Why not, right!?!  So here's to 2014:

  • photograph more
  • spend less
  • move more
  • stress less
  • travel more
  • boss less

I will try to remember to post at the end of the year to see how I did on each of these ... wish me luck!nye2013

thankful : day 30

thankful Today I am thankful for many things! First, it's my last day of 'thankful' posts - while it does help me find the positives in my day, I find I lose interest about half-way through.  But, I did manage all 30 days, so I suppose I should be thankful for that as well. Second, I am thankful that they were able to find a captain to pilot our plane to Charleston!  I have the strangest things happen when I fly United, and today was no different - they came on at our flight time and announced that we did not have a captain for the flight and that they were 'running around trying to find one.' Seriously, this stuff happens to me all the time! And lastly, I am thankful for a night out in Charleston to celebrate my good friend Laura's birthday!!  We dined at Indaco  and followed up with drinks on the rooftop of Stars under the heat lamps - it's a little cool for these southern folks!kingst

thankful : day 28

thankful Today is Thanksgiving and I spent it with the Pittman and Perez families in Indiana.  I am so thankful for friends that invite me to share the holidays with them and their families.  We had a great time - delicious food, great conversation and loads of laughter!  Sloane had full command of a room full of adults and does a great Gangnam Style! thanksgiving13

thankful : day 27

thankful Today I am thankful for laughter.  I had a funny email exchange with a client contact today that went something like this:

her : Sounds great. Thanks, Ivette. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! her: I meant Yvette!! So sorry, I hate when people misspell my name!!!  me: Ha! Thanks Pam. Not a problem, people misspell mine all the time. Have a super weekend. her: LOL!! Touché!

So ... the funniest part about this... her name is PAT! I meant to type that but typed PAM. It wasn't till she sent back the "LOL Touché" email that I realized what I had done.  I couldn't help but giggle about this... I made a funny and I didn't even mean to... that's really the only time I'm ever funny, by accident!

thankful : day 25

thankful Today I am thankful the last piece of my gift for my secret santa gift arrived!  I was finally able to get it wrapped and ready to ship off across the sea!  I am participating in the Fat Mum Slim gift exchange with three hundred and something other folks! It has been fun and quite the challenge to find the perfect gift for a complete stranger and limiting it to only $30!  I really hope my little elf enjoys what I chose for her!  secretsanta

thankful : day 23 : let's go to the circus

thankful Today I am thankful to have checked off a bucket list item!  It was off to the Circus today with the Pittman crew.  No idea why I've never been to the Circus, but isn't it one of those things that everyone should do?  Well, I think so and today I headed to the United Center (not exactly the "big top" from the old days) in the freezing cold to take in the 'greatest show on earth.'

It was OK... I can see why the kids like it, but overall kind of meh for forty.  I guess having seen things like Cirque du Soleil and etc. kind of raises the bar a bit.  I do have to say that watching the trained animals makes me a little bit sad - so far from their natural habitat and you hear about how some people don't treat animals well in captivity - just have to put that out of mind and hope that the animals are happy.  They are all so beautiful. I am glad I went, Sloane (2 yrs) loved every second of the show, when one act would leave, she'd turn around to mom and say where did they go?  So darn cute!  circus

thankful : day 22

thankful Today I am thankful for photography.  I have always needed a creative outlet and even though I work in a creative field - photography has become a real passion and expression for me.  I am so thankful to have discovered my love for being behind the lens, it's something that really fuels me. I took up the hobby in 2004 and have grown so much - but there is still so far to go!  Practice, lots of practice!

I printed a few of my photos via Artifact Uprising - they arrived today - and could not be happier with the quality!  AU also just came out with an app for the iPhone to make photo books from your mobile device - genius I tell you!  I will be making one of those for sure! IMG_2360