Friday night was my first Ravinia outing of the season - B-52's and Go Go's, who still "got the beat!"  It was Beth's first ever Ravinia and I think she's gonna fit right in, don't you?  I put Kendra on task to come up with a new tie configuration for my Sseko's and she got a real doozie, not sure I'll ever be able to recreate it, but it looked pretty cool!



Saturday was a very good adjustment at the Naprapath and then off to the Custer Art Fair with Amanda.  We found a few cute products, but for the most part, it wasn't all that great this year.  Sadly all I bought was crap food!  At least it was a beautiful day, so it was perfect for just wandering around the neighborhood. 


And today was supposed to be spent at the pool with Holly and Bella, but the weather didn't cooperate and Holly has some sort of tonsil funk - don't need to catch that!!!  So, I ran errands, cleaned up the house and went for a bike ride.  Added some bling to my bike - a super cute bell (the royal bell $4 from Adeline Adeline) that I actually had to use today along the path, and the Armitage Satchel from Po Campo (that I love, love, love so much!).  Now I just need a name for the Townie and I'm all set!  

The path wasn't terribly crowded, but now that I'm riding and not walking, it's quite a different experience.  People have no idea how to 'share the road' at all.  I damn near ran right into the back of a woman who had her kid in one of those trailer things - she pulled onto the path in front of me, so I was hanging behind (walkers on the opposite side oncoming) and then she decided to just stop - ON THE PATH - to put on her helmet.  Hello, pull off onto the grass dummy.  Or at least give some kind of gesture about what you're doing.  Ahhh... driving in this town is always a challenge!  

That's a bit of my weekend... hope yours was filled with fun, friends and family!  Happy Father's Day!