san francisco treat : day one


FINALLY.  I sat my butt down and did a little photo editing on my photos from San Francisco.  I spend the first afternoon running around Union Square, then hopped (after about a 30min wait) on the cable car for a ride to Fisherman's Warf.  The cable car ride was excellent, I was able to score the front seat so I could record the ride and take photos without anyone's head in the way.  


I walked around Fisherman's warf, which is miserably touristy. I mean really ... who buys this crap?  Anyhoo... walked thru the crab stations and took photos, but had to move fast, the smell about killed me!  I am NOT a fan of seafood and let me tell you, this is not the place for someone who is not crazy about the smell of chowder & etc.  And all of the vendors are in one block, basically on top of each other.  It's something to see, but I won't need to go back.  : )


The fog was rolling in and it was windy and getting a little cold.  I made my way to Pier 39 - supposedly one of the best views of the city.  I made it about half way out and had to pack it in - too damn cold and the fog was covering anything that would have been photo worthy - boo.  I got my my favorite iPhone shot though (here) and was able to capture a good moody shot of Alcatraz with the Leica.  Day one : success, even though I tweaked my ankle.  :(