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Oceania: blue. Europe: black. Americas: red. Africa: yellow. Asia: green.

Oceaniaeuropeamericaafricaasia by creative director, Gustavo Sousa, uses the Olympic Rings to illustrate world inequality, depicting stripped-down statistics from each of the five world regions, through simple scale shifts of the Olympic’s iconic quintet of overlapping loops.

“The rings represent healthy competition and union, but we know the world isn’t perfect. Maybe understanding the differences is the first step to try to make things more equal.”

Via Co.Design.



Spent my Saturday running errands, got my hair done and then a little wandering around the mall. I cannot go without popping into Restoration Hardware. I have always loved that store, but even more now that they redesigned. The white linen couch with down cushions and navy accents - perfect! And that leather chair - designer dreamy. Oh and you can now purchase an 8-foot tall model of the Eiffel tower. { ❤ } I have lusted after the old Paris and London maps for a while. I left my name in case they ever sell the floor model!

Then it was home to listen to my neighbor and his friends scooting their chairs in and out for three hours. I have complained about this guy for a while now. But today it wasn't just me!! Even my next door neighbor was banging on the ceiling. I hate being the bad guy. The grumpy neighbor. But this guy has no respect for others. I went up and knocked on the door. Asked him to stop with the chairs and as soon as he closed the door they were scooting again and laughing. So disrespectful. I would have been mortified if my neighbor complained about me/to me. ... via iPhone ...