things on tuesday :: scramble

Tuesday just got away from me ... work has been a big 'ol mess lately, all sorts of shenanigans!  So let's just get the negatives out of the way... 

  • clients who are not on the 'same page' among their own staff
  • when things don't go according to plan
  • inefficiency
  • inconsistency
  • that the insurance company for the girl who hit me in the parking lot thinks I am 100% at fault - after the two companies came to a 50/50 decision... explain that!  glad my company is saying f that and now it's off to subrogation 
  • scrambling for tickets to stuff 
  • that I tire of things
  • that I'm a little more glass half empty  :(
  • travel plans - for fun, not work!
  • finding the perfect bag
  • plans that have an element of surprise - will tell you more about that after this Saturday
  • quaker vanilla creme brule rice cakes - soooo good
  • this chocolate chip cookie recipe - and they are right that the longer you wait, the deeper the flavor
  • that the weather in Chicago has been excellent
  • that new glasses are being made and they are light as a feather - maybe I will actually wear them now!