chocolate chip goodness


Found a recipe via Pinterest titled "The only chocolate chip cookie I will ever need to know how to make for the rest of my life" and thought, well I will have to make those!  Apparently an adaptation of a recipe posted in the NY Times a while back ... I have to say they are pretty good.  The recipe says to let the dough sit for 36 hours - man that's tough - to get the full flavor.  I have no idea why it would deepen in flavor, but trust me it really does!!  I made one quick batch after 24hrs and then another at 36 and they did have a completely different flavor.  

What I like most about these cookies is that they are a great combination of chewy and crunchy - an using the 60% or better cocoa chips is key!  My boss' daughter (11) had them and loved them... so basically, if you don't tell the kiddos they are dark chocolate, they will never know the difference!  Give them a go and let me know if you think they live up to the hype!!