hoot of a baby shower

Drove to Chesterton for Holly's baby shower yesterday ... She's got some incredibly talented friends that whipped up paintings, owl pins, prints, yummy sweet treats and etc. We began the evening with coffee and cocktails and a little chit chat. It was nice to meet all of her new friends - I'm kind of the odd man out, coming from out of town, but everyone was very nice and so welcoming. There's just something about a small town isn't there? Anyway, then we made cards - one for each of the baby's upcoming birthdays while dining on bread bowls filled with lintel or squash soup and salads. Followed that up with presents and sweet treats. They also had a really cute game - make a baby out of play dough and have the mom judge which is the best. The interpretation and execution from each woman was so different... so cute and so hard to choose! Baby Sloane will be here sometime in the next thee weeks and I cannot wait to meet her!