Mac Gyver

In a moment of crazy I ordered a Nikon D750 thinking that I would jump ship from Canon.  Yes, I lost my mind just a little bit.  I was so unhappy with the copy of my 5D MKiii that I just thought I'll sell it all and switch systems. Thankfully I have this adorable baby to test out the new equipment. I mean come on ... those baby blues! Perfect little round cheeks?! 

Well, after shooting for 30 minutes I decided the learning curve of the user interface would just frustrate me so I sent it back.  I was happy with the quality of images I got - no question it's a great camera, but it seemed (coming from Canon) that I had to do two to three things to get into menus I needed and could never figure out how to change AI focus when in the field with it. Canon 5D MK IV here I come. 

10 on 10 [3.2017]

Hellooooo March! Was supposed to be in beautiful Vermont this weekend, but with the frigid temps we decided to postpone till the fall.  We knew we were taking a risk planning trip in winter, but were hoping for temps at least in the 30s! So back here in Chicago it's a lazy day spent learning my new Leica D-Lux Type 109, lunch and vintage shopping and a headshot with Amanda, a stop by the beach was so cold I needed some hot cocoa when I got home! March is proving to come in like a lion, let's hope it goes out like a lamb! 

June 5 2015

June 5 : looking down : while shopping for cards at Paper Source I spotted this gem and immediately remembered it is my grandmothers birthday. We're she still with us, this card would have brought the biggest smile to her face, the best giggle and tightest hug you ever would experience. I'm sure she's looking down on us today showering us with her love! (We called her shorty). #greatestgrandmaever #fmsphotoaday