this Christmas




Let me start this post by saying I love Christmas.  I love the traditions that are created around holidays - specifically Christmas.  When I was a kid we packed in a full day of family - having my father's parents over in the morning, opening gifts and having lunch together then in the afternoon we'd head to the farm to be with my mother's side of the family.  As I have gotten older, those traditions have changed - some family members don't make it back because they are with the "other side of the family," the next generation becomes host and that changes venues and menus, some grow ill and some even pass away.  Change is inevitable.  Maya Angelou said "life is a gift, and I try to respond with grace and courtesy."  It's quite fitting for where I am in life right now.  So many of my traditions have changed, making my 30's a little bit unstable.  I could not be more thankful for the 30+ years of family filled festivities, but I see change coming to my future.




That said .. I spent the month of December brunching, lunching and dining with friends and catching up on all the good times we've had this past year.  I made the trip back home to Kansas for a few days over the Christmas holiday where I got to spend time with my immediate family (minus one).  I met little Jackson (in green above) who will literally steel your heart - he just couldn't be more laid back.  He smiles about everything and at everyone and barely makes a peep!  Then there's Austin (in orange above) who is a boy's boy - rough and tumble and skeptical of everything, but once he decide's you're OK, a bunch of fun and so full of energy it's exhausting to watch him!  

Sadly, my grandmother took a turn for the worst and had to be put on oxygen and breathing treatments.  She was coughing so deep it sounded like it took every muscle in her body to produce. It was hard to see, but I am so glad she was able to celebrate another Christmas. At 92, she's had one good long life and is still with us after having a stroke 14 months ago.  That's an impressive will to live!  And God bless my mother for taking care of her all of those months!  I cannot imagine how difficult life has been for her, but my grandmother could not be in better hands.  

Life sometimes throws us tough times and I figure they only make us stronger.  I hope you were able to spend time celebrating the holiday with your family and friends!  All the best for a shiny new year!