Snow day!  Except for me... and a whole heck of a lot of other people on the Chicago expressways!  Aren't I lucky that my client chose NOT to cancel the meeting out in bumblefu*k today?  Yep, I had the pleasure of driving home in a beautiful snow storm - taking me a whopping THREE HOURS to drive about 30 miles.  Joy of all joys!  Snapped a pic before I got in the car and then a few along the way ... since I was sitting still for most of the drive, had to entertain myself.  





As much as it sucks to drive in the snow .. it sure is pretty.  Don't you think? 


So the giant bummer of the day ... I was supposed to drive up to Milwaukee to spend the night in a super cool hotel and attend the Milwaukee Art Museum, MAM After Dark.  They were announcing the winners of their photo contest celebrating the Quadracci Pavillion and I was lucky enough to be a finalist in the contest.  I'm hoping they will post the winners tomorrow.  So ... instead I sit here, catching up on the DVR and whipping up my first "mug cake." 


Chocolate Salted caramel Mug Cake ( recipe here ) that I found on Pinterest.  I am amazed that it actually worked - totally thought it was going to explode out of the mug!  I think it came out OK, but my caramels were not all gooey in the middle (boo) and I may have overcooked the cake a bit, was a little dry.  But... I think I could make some easy adjustments and this would be killer!  And it's quite a lot of cake!