260 moving day

I have decided to move my blog back to Blogger.  I have been struggling with the what to do since they announced the acquisition of Posterous to Twitter. I  truly hope they keep the Posterous site up and running (because I love it), but they have been plagued with problems in the last few weeks and no longer respond to help requests - not a good sign.

It has been a very difficult transition.  Posterous does not allow for exporting.  WordPress.com is supposed to import Posterous blogs, but I found it only pulled data from 2011 to present.  Not sure what I will do with my posts that go back as far as 2009.  Hopefully when Posterous does go under, they will provide us with a way to keep all of our data.  

Initially I I thought I'd use WordPress.com, but I cannot stand their interface.  It's clunky and does not consistently pull data from other sources - I had photos of all shapes and sizes and no idea how to get them the way I wanted without removing and re-uploading.  No thank you!  So, it's back to Blogger.  I am still on the fence about self-hosting via WordPress and may go that way someday, but since I follow a lot of Blogger blogs, I thought  this might be the easiest way to go.  Seems funny to come full circle - I started my first blog on Blogger back in 2004.  

 I will likely continue to post here till it goes belly up, but will officially move to yf.yffoto.com.  Please come visit me at my new home!