268 birds, babies and blue chip

Upon arriving in Indiana for Easter weekend, Holly presented me with my favorite painting by her friend Carrie. What a fabulous gift! I just love it!


And while we were chatting and enjoying a morning couppa, Sloane zonked out on her momma's lap. How cute is that? And to think this was only one easter egg hunt into the day...


We found eggs and full size twix bars during the hunt at the club - had lunch then it was off to the famous "egg drop" hunt. Yes, they were scheduled to drop 20,000 eggs from a helicopter to let the kids scoop up the goods. We waited a ridiculous amount of time - the kids were totally not into it once the action actually began...


And then there's the disappointment. Xavier and Mason got a few goodies and then poor Bella got nothing but a bunch of busted eggshells. She was so upset. But upon closer inspection of the boys stuff, they didn't get much that they could actually eat. The chocolate was mush, lots of the candy bags were open and then they had smarties just loose inside the egg ... do they even sell smarties that aren't wrapped in that little tube package?


Back to the house to settle the munchkin's in and take a few photos of the lovely Sloane. She's a whopping 4 months now! I just love her big blue eyes and little pink lips. So darn cute!


Then it was off to the Blue Chip casino to celebrate Niki's 29th birthday. We ate. We drank. We danced the night away. Oh and the people watching at the casino in Indiana is priceless. Seriously. Fantastic!