227 on the juice


So to combat my back pain my PT and doctor prescribed me a short corse of 'roids to try and reduce the swelling between my L2 and L3 once and for all.  Luck me huh?  Well, the only positive today is that taking this mass of pills seemed to sit OK with me.  Other than that it was a positively crap ass day.  Coworker drama.  Scheduling drama.  Worked till 8 on a Friday night (what the heck is wrong with me?) and had to go to two stores to pick up something, neither of which had what I needed.  Oh and all of that with a huuuuge tension headache that I cannot take Advil to relieve ... not my best of Fridays.  But my weekend is wide open and full of great possibilities.  I just need to stay clear of the city and all of the NATO madness! 

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