graceland instameet

Took in my first #instameet yesterday at the Graceland Cemetery - a beautiful park cemetery that has a some of Chicago's most famous residents - specifically architects and designers!  There were about 35/40 of us walking around with cameras - mostly camera phones since it's specifically for instagrammers - while listening to one guy tell us about some of the notables.  I both liked and disliked the instameet ... it's always great to meet new people with like hobbies and interests, but it kind of sucks to have 40 people all trying to photograph the same subject at the same time.  Patience is certainly a requirement!!  I have enjoyed watching instagram fill up with everyone's take - such different styles! I took a LOT of photos - I love statuary and the weather was really adding to the mood of the day, so lots of shots!! Here are just a few. *wink*

Oh and as I was wandering around I ran across a Seymour headstone - my grandmother's maiden name was Seymour!  Might have to look the Chicago Seymour's up to see if we are any relation! graceland_cem

napa : phoned in : people

Just a quickie to share the iPhone photos from my lovely weekend in Napa with the girls... Such a beautiful area!  We loved every second of our trip and I cannot wait to go back!  Maybe we should make this an annual trip... just sayin'

road and rain

20130414-184340.jpg I have been working with a client in Indianapolis for a while ( several years) and it's kind of become a joke that every time I'm in town, it rains... well, this week was no exception.  In fact, I drove through the most horrible rain storm I have ever driven  through - creeping 20mph down the road with hazard lights flashing, wipers on high, white knuckled on the wheel and barely able to see the lines on the road.  It was so bad that I didn't even feel like I could pull off to the side of the road... what if the car behind me didn't see me, you know?  But, you know I made it and got a couple of cool photos from the whole experience!


Charleston : take two

Spent the weekend with my friend Laura - a cold beach walk, rainy plantation visit and lots of food and drink with friends new and old. 20130224-215908.jpg20130224-215937.jpg20130224-220215.jpg20130224-220242.jpg20130224-220320.jpg20130224-221359.jpg20130224-221409.jpg20130224-221422.jpg

And I had to grab a little video on Vine of the bubbles along the shore.  I was a little bit on the fence about Vine, but it's actually kind of fun.