10 on 10 { sept 2012 }

It’s the tenth of the month and that means it’s time for the 10 on 10 challenge!  I have been absent the last couple of months, but finally back on track!  It was quite the eventful Monday too!
On a side note … My Posterous blog is officially broken (boo!) and Blogger is frustrating the heck out of me.  I need some serious advice from you Blogger folks about how to get photos to post at a specific size!!!  Anyhoo...


{1} Made a quick stop along the river in Wilmette on the way back from the dentist – everything checked out OK, thank goodness!  We think I may have bruised a tooth.  Did you even know that was possible?  I had no idea!
{2} It was such a beautiful day today I had to duck out for a photo op of the sun among the grasses.
{3} Then a visit to the rheumatologist – still trying to figure out how to get rid of my right side pain.  Ugh! More exercises and if that doesn’t work, a shot in the buttock.  Sound fun or what?
{4} Meanwhile we had to rush one of my coworkers to the urgent clinic after she had a crazy allergic reaction to something.  We have no idea what, but hives, chills, feeling like she was on fire, itchy and throwing up.  What a mess!  She’s fine – all doped up now, but boy that was kind of scary.
{5} A little view – I kind of like the lack of focus here.  Sometimes my iPhone does fun things in error.
{6} Finally grabbed lunch around 3 – as you can see the place was pretty empty.
{7} Back to the grindstone – sadly I was not at all productive today with all the chaos.  I am not fond of days when I feel like I got nothing done.
{8} The sun is going down earlier – this was my view upon leaving the office.  Kind of makes me sad to see Summer go.  But I do love Fall!
{9} Took a quick walk along the lakefront after work – all the lifeguards have gone home and we’re on our own now. I had broken down and bought a beach token this year and sadly used it only once.  Must do better at taking advantage of the beach next summer.
{10} Home to happy endings.

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