10 on 10 on 10.10 { oct 2012 }

I really like the 10/10 challenge, but when it happens on a weekday it's super hard for me to find photo worthy moments!!  That said ... here's my Wednesday!

I found this cute little pouch at The Paper Source - it holds all of my lip gloss in the car.  I am a little crazy about pouches.  And lip gloss, for that matter.  


Tea in my Starbucks cup from Hawaii.  Would love to be spending Halloween in Hawaii again this year, but sadly that is not in the cards for me this year. 


Carolina's Buddah is kind of freaking us out in the office.  She sat him on top of her computer a few days ago and he keeps moving.  She pushes him back and he ends up about to fall off the front edge of the monitor.  Spooky! 


My work ... I have to move so fast I can't even take time to focus the photo... ridiculous! 


Mrs. D's for lunch - it's a local dive, with lots of fun wall art! 


Then we popped into a new specialty gorcery store in Wilmette called Artisanal - they've got super fabulous stuff!  Who doesn't love a "happy room" full of craft beer, wine and liquor?  Mmmm! They have an on site butcher and offer fresh meats from local farmers that they cut on site.  


It was a beautiful day, bright and sunny, but 50 degrees!  So not ready for puffy coats, hats and scarves. 


Off to the spa for a much needed massage!  Finally think I found a therapist that I want to go back to.  She did a great job on my neck and back tonight!


Dark by the time I was out ... when is daylight savings time? 


Ahh blurry traffic.  Love my iPhone in motion! 


Hope you had a fabulous 10 on 10!  

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