79 bed!

I have been looking for a "real" bed for years!  I don't know why I see it as such a commitment, but it's one of those items that you should have for a really long time.  So finding just the right one that I could live with seemed overwhelming.  Leather?  Linen?  Lacquer?  As a designer, I often times find myself paralyzed by the possibilities.  Silly, I know. 

So when I saw this navy linen gem come across my email on One Kings Lane, I decided to click buy!  I NEVER purchase furniture that I haven't seen in person, but for some reason this just jumped out at me.  It finally arrived this week and my awesome friends, the Robinson's, came over to help me assemble!  

Finally, I have a real grown up bed!  It's the little things I tell you.. 



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