Finally made my way to Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio.  I have to say, learning how he built this place in the middle of the desert while living in the structures as they were being built with no electricity, water and such is pretty amazing.  Somehow he makes these linear structures fit within the Arizona landscape - the use of local materials and pulling the reds direct from the earth - quite a talent indeed.  It's sad that he died with pretty much nothing, but he was clearly an artist that lived for his craft.  

My favorite room was the theater (last photo).  He designed the space in such a way that performers need no equipment to amplify the sound.  You can speak facing away from the audience and hear just as if they are facing you.  You can even hear a whisper! And the angles of how the seating are so that when sitting with your right arm behind your neighbor and left leg crossed over put every single person at the perfect angle to view the center of the stage is nothing short of brilliance!  A great way to wrap a quick weekend in Phoenix with my design friends!