10 on 10 { mar 2013 }

Ten on Ten Challenge : Dose MarketSo I know I am supposed to take a photo per hour, but I thought it would be much more interesting to capture the market.  I did throw in one photo of this dreary Chicago day ... rain + snow = beautiful fog!

Finally made it to Dose Market!!  It's a great selection of local vendors - food, fashion and artists of all types.  I bought a bunch of yummy food (mostly chocolate - oops) from Artisan Alfajores, Uptown Brownie, and Little Goat.  Had a brown butter sage gnocchi sample that was delicious from a tavola - they are starting to package their gnocchi to take home and cook - can't wait for that!!

Two completely awesome vendors we found were Field & Florist - she makes the most beautiful arrangements (can't really tell from my crap iPhone photo - but trust me!) you can buy single or do one per month deal.  I think it's just genius to sign up for a fresh arrangement to arrive at your front door each month!  And it's all locally grown too!

And the perfect Ravinia companion - wine in a bag from winestyr.com.  They partner with US wineries to get wine that is then packaged in a little bag with a spout (think boxed wine).  Each bag holds two bottles of wine and shipped to your door.  Perfect for wine on the go!

We loved the market.  Will be back again for sure!  Next time I will stay long enough to get a doodle from doodlebooth!

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