Up vs fitbit

20130414-191429.jpg On a whim while in the Apple store a few weeks ago, I decided to pick up the fitbit one to see how it compares to my Jawbone Up.  I have been and Up band wearer since the day it came on the market - I have been very happy with it's sleep and fitness tracking, but to be honest ... I'm getting a little sick of wearing it all the time.  It's awkward with a watch.  It doesn't look good when you want to get all dressed up.  And sometimes I just don't want to have anything on my wrist.

Enter the fitbit one.  It is so small and so easy to wear.  I love the little silicone clip too!  You simply don't feel this thing.  Ever.  This is a huge plus for the fitbit!

I have worn the two together to see how they track the same activities and have found them to be quite different.  Here's a little side-by-side comparison.

movement tracking:

  • Up :  I feel Up is pretty accurate to the amount of steps I take in a day.  I don't know why, maybe because I've been using it for so long, but I do feel like it tracks me well. 
  • Fitbit :  The ftibit is VERY generous.  It measures more movement than the Up, by quite a lot.  Not quite double, but close. That said, somehow the miles and calories seem to be similar to the Up count.

sleep tracking:

  • Up : I like the readout of how Up visualizes sleep - deep sleep, light sleep and awake.  I get that.  Still not sure how it determines deep vs. light, but I can tell the more deep sleep I get, the better I feel.  
  • Fitbit : Fitbit has only sleep and awake.  When I view the dashboard it tells me I slept for 8 hours, how long it took me to fall asleep and how many times I was "awakened" during the night.  This can be 10 times or 18 times or something similar.  And it's usually only for a minute or two.  It gives me a sleep efficiency number, but no idea how to evaluate this really.


  • Up : Since Up is always on my wrist, it tracks everything without any thought.  Put the bracelet on and go.  If you want to go into fitness mode - hit the button twice and go.  Ready to go to sleep - push the button and hold till the icon changes.  It's dead simple.
  • Fitbit : I begin the day by taking the fitbit out of the sleep wristband and putting it in the silicone sleeve,  then have to find a place to keep it while I am getting ready for the day - I tend to clip it to my robe.  Then once I get dressed for the day, I have to move it to another location - I like the bra or waistband best.   Then at bed time, I have to move it again back into the sleep wristband.

food tracking :

  • Up : Their newest software make the food tracking actually usable.  You can scan the barcode with the phone camera and enter that way, manually enter product and such.  To be honest, I have not really used this function of the Up because I still feel it's cumbersome.  Everything has to be done on the phone and I would prefer a web portal for this activity.  
  • Fitbit : This is the real winner of the fitbit.  I loooooove the fact that it connects to myfitnesspal.com!  I have used this food tracker in the past and to be able to link it with the fitbit is outstanding.

Bottom line ... it's too hard to choose a favorite.  They both work, and work well.  I will continue to use these type of trackers because I do feel it helps me evaluate my diet and exercise.  They show me the importance of movement.  Having a desk job, it's very important for me to find ways to get those steps in!!!