Finally got to editing some photos from my napa trip.  I didn't take anywhere near what I would have liked to, but sometimes you just need to stay focused on things without a lens in between, you know.  We spent our first day in Napa - started at Opus One for a tour of their facility - upon arrival it seemed a little stuffy, but our guide was really great and down to earth.  We learned a lot and are completely inspired to come back during harvest.  Would be completely amazing to see all those grapes in motion!  Totally amazed by how much of the work is still done by hand!  And enjoyed two glasses of their wine 2009 vintage of Opus One and their lower level Overture, both very good.  From there we headed over to Oakville Grocery - perfect place to pick up gourmet snackin's and they have a great wine selection too!  Stop there for lunch - They have picnic tables outside so you can sit among the vines and enjoy.

Then it was over to Domaine Chandon for bubbles!  It was crazy busy in the tasting room, so we bought a bottle and sat on the patio enjoying the day... and some chocolate covered strawberries!  I loved the reserve so much, I bought a bottle to bring home with me!  Ohhh I do love bubbles! 

We ended the day with dinner at Tra Vigne - their mozzarella is made in house and is ridiculous good!  Let me just say ... one day in Napa is not even close to enough time.  I wish I lived closer so I could just pop in for the day and do a couple of new places each time.  And be able to take photos of the beautiful vineyards.  ... Will have to go back!