blown away

Have you downloaded the new VSCO Cam app?  Holy smokes did they do an A M A Z I N G job with the design of this app.  I used the previous version pretty much daily to process my photos - but not as a camera.  Now that they have the ability to touch focus and expose from two points like the SmugMug Awesome Camera app, I am all in!   I am seriously blown away by the amount of presets - almost too many to choose from!   The user interface is so easy - with everything within reach even though there are a LOT of options!  And it's fast!  Super fast shooting.  Super fast editing (if you know what you want to do) and great speed on saving to camera roll too!

I was slightly disappointed when I downloaded the new bundle of presets (you know I gotta have it all) that I wasn't seeing anything that looked like the presents in the original app.  Then tonight when I was playing around, I decided to open the old app and compare.  To my surprise, they gave previous users a bundle of presets for free that match the old Cam app line up - YAY!

I do have one tiny request future updates - please allow me to save the original shots as an album in my photo album on the phone so I don't have to export every time I snap a pic.  Oh and if I could take a video and apply your presets I that would be truly dreamy!!!!!

Bravo VSCO team!  Bravo!