staycation : seven

stay : seven IMG_6844smI probably should have named this "apple week" since I have now spent the better part of another day on another apple adventure.  Oh well, what can I say?  I'm a gadget girl.  :)  My day started about 5:30AM so that I could be at the Apple store to purchase the new iPhone 5s.  I got there about a quarter till 7 and was a good 250 people back from the door.  Yikes!  By the time they got to me (three hours later), they did not have the phone I wanted (64 gig) so I got another 32gb and have decided to offload my million photos to an app called Loom.  More about that in a in another post.

So I get my shiny new phone home, plug it in to get all the data off my old 4s and get a call in the middle of the software update... That stopped the update mid stream and I was stuck in a loop of restoring to factory and restoring from backup for the next three hours or so.  Ugh!

That gave me some time to work on website/blogs and such.  My domain is back up and running - it's my catchall for the many places I upload my life's data. Here's a screen shot of the page - I think it's kind of fun and playful, and great colors! Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 9.11.03 PM

Also while setting things up, I discovered my Flickr account FINALLY passed the coveted 100,000 views - only took me nine years, not bad considering I was banned from explore in like 2006!

That's all of the randomness for a Friday off.  Here's to a fabulous weekend!

staycation : five

stay : fiveiOS7 beer tasting @ prairie moon for new local brewery heat lightning

Well, um... Let's just say the staycation was interrupted by a little Apple update called iOS7.  I thought it would go live around 11 local time, but turns out it didn't go till 12.  Then it took me two hours to get the iPhone and iPad updated.  Then I had to play with my new toys for a little bit - discovering all the fun bells and whistles. Most of the changes I really like, but I have found a few little things that bug - that whole thing that comes up from the bottom ... messes with my VSCOCam photo editing.  I am hoping they will redesign a little bit to take care of the overlap of gestures.  I won't get all nerd on ya, but I certainly had my tech side all fired up today!!Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

I did manage to make it out of the house to dine with some friends and take in a little beer flight for a new local brewery.  'Twas the busiest that bar has ever been!!

On my ride home I was enjoying the lightening show and decided to pay a stop along the lakefront to test the new "burst" shooting on my phone to capture some of the light show.  Well, if I had better patience I probably could have gotten some great stuff.  Well, that, and if the iPhone didn't try to focus for each shot even in burst mode.  Processed with VSCOcam with x2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with x2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with x2 preset

blown away

Have you downloaded the new VSCO Cam app?  Holy smokes did they do an A M A Z I N G job with the design of this app.  I used the previous version pretty much daily to process my photos - but not as a camera.  Now that they have the ability to touch focus and expose from two points like the SmugMug Awesome Camera app, I am all in!   I am seriously blown away by the amount of presets - almost too many to choose from!   The user interface is so easy - with everything within reach even though there are a LOT of options!  And it's fast!  Super fast shooting.  Super fast editing (if you know what you want to do) and great speed on saving to camera roll too!

I was slightly disappointed when I downloaded the new bundle of presets (you know I gotta have it all) that I wasn't seeing anything that looked like the presents in the original app.  Then tonight when I was playing around, I decided to open the old app and compare.  To my surprise, they gave previous users a bundle of presets for free that match the old Cam app line up - YAY!

I do have one tiny request future updates - please allow me to save the original shots as an album in my photo album on the phone so I don't have to export every time I snap a pic.  Oh and if I could take a video and apply your presets I that would be truly dreamy!!!!!

Bravo VSCO team!  Bravo!

Day one app

Have you heard of the Day One app?  I cannot tell you how much I love it... Even more now that I can include a photo!  It's a super simple journal type of app that works on iPhone and desktop, syncing beautifully between the two.  I used an app called Photo 365 last year to capture my year in photos, but now that I can include them right in with my ramblings from the day I have shifted all of my efforts to Day One!  

seventeen of thirty

(17) technology :: sorry for the somewhat crap photo, but it's been two extremely busy days!! I was lucky to get anything in at all!! So anyway... I am a gadget girl. I embrace technology and am tech support for pretty much everyone I know. Out of all the gadgets in my life, none can rival the iPhone. At this point, I could simply not live without live without it. I am so excited for the new one - supposed to be out within the next month! I will be there day one for sure!!