work peeps

I had to bring the camera to work today to get some head shots of a few of my coworkers.  I was not at all "on my game" ... was kind of rushed and haphazardly shooting.  I got what we needed, but as I was editing the images out of the camera I was feeling like these faces look a little different to me.  You know when you see someone every day, you don't notice the little things?  We discovered Marcey (bottom) has a lazy eye, so I had to swing her to the other side so that didn't seem so obvious.  I love capturing people, but in their natural state - portraits just put people in this completely unnatural smile.  I hate that fakey smile.  I did get one photo of Brad that completely captures who he is.  It is the perfect photo of how I see him.  That's a rare photo to get!!  If you can't tell, he's kind of a smart ass, but in that genuine, funny kind of way.  This is a 'look' we see quite a lot!