10 on 10 { july 2013 }

Hello!  Happy Hump Day!  I actually remembered the 10 on 10 challenge today, and was able to be out of the office for part of the day - that means only a couple of photos of my desk!  *wink* I shot everything from within the VSCOCam app and edited in the app as well.  I find it very hard to get a good focus out of this app.  Anyone else have this problem?  And I find the images very 'noisy' compared to ones I take with other apps...  I think I am going to have to go back to the SmugMug Camera Awesome for taking photos and use VSCO for processing ... again.

Anyway ... here's my day.

[ shower ]  [ tea ]  [ kitty ]  [ jobiste ]  [ roadside weeds flowers ]  [ work ]  [ workplace humor ]  [ gelato for the co-workers ]     [ walk through the park ]  [ and a stop at the beach ]

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