10 on 10 { aug 2013 }

It's the tenth of the month and that means ten photos in ten hours!!  I love this challenge - gets me out and about with the camera to find beauty in my day.  And I really love it when the tenth falls on a weekend!  Woot!  Visited the hair salon this morning - aren't these foils just the most attractive thing?  I wanted to get a better photo, but the salon was busy and people were looking at me strange trying to take a photo with my iPhone of my foils.  I'm sure they were like wtf?  :)Ran a bunch of errands - picking up the necessary supplies for my last Ravinia show tomorrow. Whipped up a batch of my famous roasted almonds.  They are the easiest things to make and a huge hit!  If you like almonds, you need this recipe!

2 c. sliced almonds 1/4 c. sugar 1/16 c. water salt (I use pink himalayan)

Combine sugar and water - basically making a simple syrup - in a microwave save bowl or cup.  Microwave for 1 minute or until the sugar is completely dissolved.  Pour over almonds and quickly stir.  (The syrup should be just enough to coat the almonds - you do not want any liquid standing the bottom of the bowl).  Evenly spread on non-stick cookie sheet and generously sprinkle salt across top.  Bake at 325 stirring every 10 minutes until golden.  (30-40 min depending on your oven).  Enjoy!

And then decided to whip up French Macarons too! I'm just a domestic diva today!!  I found a new recipe (here) that worked beautifully should you wish to give them a try.  They are the fussiest cookies I've ever made, but SO worth it!  I'll whip up some salted caramel and chocolate ganache to fill these babies in the morning!

Hope you had a beautiful day! Thanks for stopping by.

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