10 on 10 { oct 2013 }

I remembered to do my 10 on 10 for the challenge today.  AND since I was out and about, you get to see what a travel workday looks like for me.  No two are alike, and today was quite the mix!  That said ... I failed to see that there was a theme for this month ... sorry no pumpkin spice today.  :( Phoned in from Columbia, SC.

[1] photo of the state house in hotel room [2] room service [3] caffeine [4] reviewing signs - and not liking them [5] walking the hospital floor-by-floor [6] skipped lunch and stopped into the Carolina Museum of Art to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibit (no photos allowed) and zipped through the rest of the galleries - loved these two coming from the ground [7] back to the job site to walk all exterior signs with the guys [8] obligatory palmetto tree [9] recharging [10] rockers at the airport - love the south [11] bonus photo of lake murray from the sky

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