thankful : day 23 : let's go to the circus

thankful Today I am thankful to have checked off a bucket list item!  It was off to the Circus today with the Pittman crew.  No idea why I've never been to the Circus, but isn't it one of those things that everyone should do?  Well, I think so and today I headed to the United Center (not exactly the "big top" from the old days) in the freezing cold to take in the 'greatest show on earth.'

It was OK... I can see why the kids like it, but overall kind of meh for forty.  I guess having seen things like Cirque du Soleil and etc. kind of raises the bar a bit.  I do have to say that watching the trained animals makes me a little bit sad - so far from their natural habitat and you hear about how some people don't treat animals well in captivity - just have to put that out of mind and hope that the animals are happy.  They are all so beautiful. I am glad I went, Sloane (2 yrs) loved every second of the show, when one act would leave, she'd turn around to mom and say where did they go?  So darn cute!  circus