thankful : day 27

thankful Today I am thankful for laughter.  I had a funny email exchange with a client contact today that went something like this:

her : Sounds great. Thanks, Ivette. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! her: I meant Yvette!! So sorry, I hate when people misspell my name!!!  me: Ha! Thanks Pam. Not a problem, people misspell mine all the time. Have a super weekend. her: LOL!! Touché!

So ... the funniest part about this... her name is PAT! I meant to type that but typed PAM. It wasn't till she sent back the "LOL Touché" email that I realized what I had done.  I couldn't help but giggle about this... I made a funny and I didn't even mean to... that's really the only time I'm ever funny, by accident!