cloudy magnolia

I spent a day and a half in Charleston before heading to Columbia on business.  Each trip I make I take in a little bit of King Street and a plantation.  This trip was Magnolia Plantation! It's a huge property!  I can't imagine how this place looks in the spring and fall - amazing, I'm sure!  Despite the wintery conditions, I had a great time exploring the grounds.  The house is lovely and I just love how it's positioned within the property.  house Hard to believe, but there were still a good number of flowering plants with blooms and berries!  A few statues - though not as many as you would think for such big gardens and a little gazebo. Because every plantation needs a gazebo!gardens

We took a tour that drove us all around the property  - loved our driver, had a very dry sense of humor and would toss out a real zinger that you'd miss if you weren't really listening.  Saw lots of birds, and only one alligator ... only.  Apparently there a LOT on the property (eek!). I'm OK with just one, really OK! Did you know they build those platforms for sunning gators?marsh

They have two lovely bridges - apparently very popular with the weddings they hold on site.  Wouldn't it be lovely to be out there feeling a little Scarlett O'Hara? bridges

But the MOST impressive part of the plantation are the trees.  H U G E oak trees.  With enormous branches dipping down into the ground and then back up again creating the most graceful arches and leafy canopies.  The trunks of these trees are massive!  trees