sunday shopping

Shopping with Sloane is a hoot!  She dances through the aisles, tries on shoes that are way too big for her and kicks them off in all directions as she continues bare foot through the store.  She commands everyone's attention everywhere she goes - I mean come on, she is damn cute and almost always smiling. We wandered through Anthropologie and Sloane made herself at home, exploring every inch - window displays and all.  I spotted this little wooden ledge and had her sit down.  She cooperated for about 1 minute and then done.  Got an adorable shot of her though.  Wandered over to the Christkindlemarket (with about a zillion other people who had the same idea) and picked up a couple of adorable little Christmas decorations.  I haven't gone to the market in years, glad I did.  But... next year I will not go the Sunday before Christmas.  *wink*122213