joshua tree : take one

I finally made my way to Joshua Tree National Park and wow, is it something to see!  I am not really a fan of the desert or the desert landscape (I'm a city girl for sure) but I do enjoy venturing out to see if I can find some beauty and inspiration when possible!  I am always open to new places on this amazing planet!! We had a perfect day in California - 68° in the valley!  Took the trip out to Joshua Tree for sunset - the colors were stunning!  And holy smokes is that park huge!  We never even made it to the cholla cactus garden because it's 34 MILES into the park!  Given that we had no idea where we were going, GPS is non existent there and the sun was setting fast, we decided to stick to the Joshua Trees and a few of the rock formations.  (side note: I had to pick up a sweatshirt because it was a good 30° cooler in the higher elevation - felt like a total rookie!)

Snapped a few photos, but to do this place right, I'd need a lot more time and gear! Really enjoyed it and the warm glow of the sun setting over the desert landscape! joshuatree