laudree NYC

Finally.  Finally made it to Laudrée New York!  It's the little things that make this girl so damn happy.  I have been begging friends who live in NY to bring some to me when they visit - but hasn't happened yet.  I have been to Jersey three times since the new year - too far to go for macarons (even for me).  So finally had a meeting in Manhattan and promptly after hopped in a cab to Laudrée!  It's a small store, very busy and they rush you through the line, so there wasn't really time to linger and take it all in.  But, I got me a dozen all snug in a box and headed home!  Hands down the best macarons around!!  (p.s. did you know they are flown in from Paris daily!?!) laudree

(side note - we did pick up macarons at Macaron Cafe in NYC and those were pretty darn good - better than Dana's Bakery I thought - though I like Dana's flavor combos)