Mac Gyver

In a moment of crazy I ordered a Nikon D750 thinking that I would jump ship from Canon.  Yes, I lost my mind just a little bit.  I was so unhappy with the copy of my 5D MKiii that I just thought I'll sell it all and switch systems. Thankfully I have this adorable baby to test out the new equipment. I mean come on ... those baby blues! Perfect little round cheeks?! 

Well, after shooting for 30 minutes I decided the learning curve of the user interface would just frustrate me so I sent it back.  I was happy with the quality of images I got - no question it's a great camera, but it seemed (coming from Canon) that I had to do two to three things to get into menus I needed and could never figure out how to change AI focus when in the field with it. Canon 5D MK IV here I come.